intellectual development at PlaycareToo!

PlaycareToo! will ensure that a program of activities is provided that encourages the intellectual development of children, including;


  • providing a flexible daily program that responds to the needs and interests of the children, an environment that facilitates the development of curiosity, reasoning and problem-solving skills


  • age-appropriate activities that encourage development of concept-building skills such as classifying, ordering, determining direction and perceiving spatial relationships


  • activities and materials that encourage creative endeavors such as art, music, movement, imaginative  Play, PlaycareToo! Early Childhood Centre Parent Handbook story-telling and construction, and activities and materials that foster a greater understanding of the environment.

Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

we meet kids where they are.


Your baby will start to develop their motor and communication skills.


During this time, their physical growth and motor development will be enhanced.


Your child is advancing from infancy toward the preschool years.